Short Story Club Announcement: The Feminist Bibliothecary’s Lite Reads to Start August 12

We are starting a brand new short story club here at The Feminist Bibliothecary, starting this Sunday! TFB’s Lite Reads is designed especially to help keep you reading, even when reading a full-length book might be more than you can manage.

Every Sunday, we will announce here on the blog, and on our social media, what the short story of the week is going to be. Each story will be carefully selected to reflect a variety of genres and a variety of authors. When the story is chosen, we will provide a link to read the story legally for free online. If the story is available through sources like Serial Reader, we will provide that information. If there is an audio version available for free as well, we will include that link for readers who are so inclined.

Throughout the week, you’ll be able to find discussions happening on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and you are invited to participate whenever and wherever you choose. You are also welcome to comment directly on the posts here on the blog. On each Saturday, I’ll post my own thoughts in a review here.

The goal here is to read more in general, read more short stories, and participate in community discussions. I know how hard it can be to make the time to read, especially when books can be so expensive as well. You don’t have to sign up anywhere, just read the story at your own pace, and join in on any of our discussions on social media throughout the week.

I look forward to sharing Lite Reads with you, and to enjoying more short stories over the weeks to come. Be sure to visit our page this Sunday, August 12 to hear about what the first Lite Reads pick will be!

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