Around the World in 80 Songs: Part Two

As you know if you checked out part one of Around the World in 80 Songs, I love music, and I’m constantly trying to find new stuff to listen to. That search for new-to-me music has led me to music from all over the world, and it has changed the way I view (and hear) the international music scene. I have pulled together a list of 80 songs, each one from an artist from a different country (with no repeats). There is no specific genre or style, simply music I have enjoyed and wanted to share with other music lovers. I have tried to avoid music that is too internationally popular or overly mainstream in the English speaking world to share as many new finds as possible.

As eighty songs is a lot of music to go through at once, I have broken this up into five parts. Each part will have sixteen songs. I hope everyone finds something they enjoy.

Welcome to part two of Around the World in 80 Songs!



Tidinz (featuring Phyno and Zoro) – AkpaAza



Tanya Tagaq – Aorta



Aldious – Sweet Temptation



Asha Bhosle – Aye Naujawan Sab Kuchh Yahan



Kerli – Sugar



Rïcïnn – Uma



Kaleema – Ritual



Baba Zula – Komsu



Noori – Manwa Re



Muthoni Drummer Queen – Suzie Noma



Sainkho Namtchylak – Dance of Eagle



Daymé Arocena – Madres



Small Time Giants – Heart Beats a Broken Heart


South Africa

Dope Saint Jude – Grrrl Like



Emilíana Torrini – Fingertips



K’s Choice – Not An Addict


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