Lite Reads Selection: ‘The Moon Over Red Trees’ by Aliette De Bodard

Welcome to The Feminist Bibliothecary’s Lite Reads, where we read a different short story every week, and discuss it here and on social media. This week’s Lite Reads selection is The Moon Over Red Trees by Aliette De Bodard.

The Moon Over Red Trees by Aliette De Bodard is a historical fantasy short story, published by Beneath Ceaseless Skies in October of 2014. The story is set in early twentieth century colonial Cochinchina (what is now southern Vietnam). Within a short space, the story blends magic and history, love and colonialism, and much more.

Aliette De Bodard (1982-) was born in the USA, and she was raised in France, where she currently resides. She is of French and Vietnamese descent. Her works includes several novels and novellas, such as In The Vanishers’ Palace (2018) and The Tea Master and the Detective (2018), and she is a prolific short story writer. Her awards include a BFSA Award and a Nebula, as well as being a finalist for Hugos, Locuses, and further Nebulas. De Bodard works as a software engineer when she isn’t writing.

You can read the full story for free in your browser at this link. You can also view the author’s notes on the story here. You can listen to the unabridged audio version of the story here.

Join us in the comments section here, or on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram, to participate in discussions throughout the week. You can also join in on the discussion at Litsy by following @elizabethlk and the #litereads hashtag.


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